What We Bring as a Company

Bringing Better Business and Products for Families

For generations, thousands have flocked to the Caribbean in search of the rugged and enchanting beauty of the islands and warmth and dynamism of her peoples.  From Juan Ponce de Leon who rummaged throughout the islands in search of the Fountain of Youth to today’s highly sophisticated and discerning tourists who cram our mountain passes and exquisite beaches looking for the ultimate thrill and adventure, the islands have always held an irresistible appeal that have marked the Caribbean as one of the natural wonders of the world.

The Caribbean however is much more than a natural wonder.  It’s also about the resourcefulness, innovation, and creativity of a proud people who are able to take and translate those natural assets and qualities that have made us the most sort-after destination in the world, into products and solutions that not only adorn and beautify our homes, but also improve the overall quality of our lives across the region.

We also have a very longstanding tradition of self-reliance and excellence.   No one knows better the needs of the Caribbean household than those who for millennia have called these the islands home.  Is4We, a wholly indigenous company, has therefore created a line of home appliances that are custom-built for the Caribbean.

Is4We products proudly capture the spirit and pride of the Caribbean and our peoples.  All our appliances are built to the highest industry standards, feature the latest technology and cater to the expectations, taste and preferences of the Caribbean consumer.