About Us

Getting to Know us Better

Getting to Know us Better

IS4WE is not your usual appliance brand.  We are an indigenous company exclusively dedicated to supplying regional households with appliances that are custom-built for the Caribbean. Our product development team have tailored the best of Caribbean designs, engineering, innovation and creativity to the exquisite tastes, preferences and exacting demands of the Caribbean consumer to produce an exciting and world-class line of home appliances that delivers superb value, reflects the spirit of the Caribbean and enhance the overall quality of life of the people of the region.

We believe that every Caribbean household, from The Bahamas in the North to Trinidad in the South, deserves the very best, despite their level of income and economic status. Therefore we insist that every IS4WE product be built in conformity with the toughest international industry standards and specifications for safety and quality.

Our ultimate  goal is to enhance the overall quality of life of Caribbean families and consumers by providing them with the quality products they want, at prices they can afford and at the service level and superior consumer value they deserve.

The full range of IS4WE appliances includes refrigerators, washers, dryers, electric cooking, stoves, microwaves, and washing machines and can be accessed right here online

Our warm and friendly sales team and Customer Service Representatives boasts a wealth of product knowledge and are eager to serve you.